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  • I am a hiring employer/organization/company, why is my job listing not showing yet?"
    Our website manager screens all information submitted to this page to ensure transparency and protection of potential employee/interns rights. All job posting submissions are reviewed and published on a weekly basis. If you still do not see your job posting after a week from time of submission, please contact the team at with subject line [Job Posting].
  • I’m not seeking Psychology-specific interns or employees, e.g. I am in the design industry looking for a content creator. Can I still post on this job site?"
    Unfortunately, given the focus of our site and association, we aim to cater to students within Psychology and Psychology-related fields.
  • I am a student and I don’t know how to apply to internships or jobs. Do you have any resources for me?
    Please head to our Members Zone for a seminar on applying for internships in a time of COVID-19. Alternatively, we have compiled some helpful information on applications including cover letter templates, interest email templates, and CV/resume resources (coming soon!). You may also feel free to join us in our private Facebook group, which seeks to be a safe space for all students to ask questions within a community of other Psychology scholars.
  • I am a student employee/intern and I am being mistreated at my workplace. Where can I go to receive help?
    Please send us an email at and we will direct you to the appropriate entities in order to resolve any issues you may be facing. Also, keep your eyes peeled for legal resources on internships and your work rights - we’ll be sharing them here soon!
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